Authentic Gothic Iron Clock

Authentic Gothic Iron Clock

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No. 1999
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Authentic Gothic Iron Clock

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Gothic Iron Clock.

A wealthy merchant's home in Florence, Italy, circa 1485.

Lots of rich silk and velvet fabrics, ornate carved furniture, glowing silver, all designed to impress. But it is this austere and amazingly advanced object that makes visitors' jaws drop.

Over 500 years later, it still has that effect.

Authentic Gothic Iron Clock (No. 1999), with exposed hand-made iron works in open iron cage. Fascinating to watch, to listen to—the slowly turning gears, the precise "tick-tock" sound and the clear chime of the bell when the small mallet strikes on the hour. Handmade in Spain.

(See Leonardo's notebooks from the early 1490s for similar mechanisms.)

– Long, sharp-toothed gears filed by hand.

– Oscillating, weight-driven foliot to regulate operation.

– Wooden handle to wind spring-drive.

– Face with hour hand only (minute hand debuts in 16th century).

– All parts affixed with authentic cotter pins and wedges.

– Thoroughly convincing patina of age throughout.

Dimension: 15-1/2" high x 6" wide x 6" deep.