Black Bowtie Cape

Black Bowtie Cape

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Black Bowtie Cape

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La Vie en Rose.

On a recent trip to Paris I went to Maxim’s to take in the 1900 cabaret show that’s getting rave reviews.

The room was full but absolutely silent. Even the glasses had stopped clinking.

Everyone was entranced by the torch songs of Véronique Fourcaud-Hélène.

Then Marion Cotillard, the French actress who won an Oscar for her portrayal of Edith Piaf, walked in wearing this cape.

It was the most captivating entrance I’ve ever seen.

Black Bowtie Cape (No. 2460). Found in a little boutique in Orleans. Made of 100% pure cashmere. Trimmed to waist length with a 9-inch wide collar, three-quarter length bell sleeves and tie front. A definite attention-getter.