Cagaloglu Hamami Towel
Cagaloglu Hamami Towel
Cagaloglu Hamami Towel
Cagaloglu Hamami Towel

Cagaloglu Hamami Towel

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No. 1691
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Cagaloglu Hamami Towel

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Cag˘alog˘lu Hamami. The 4th Pleasure.

A Sultan built Cag˘alog˘lu Hamami.

He insisted that its floor plan reflect an ancient Roman belief about physical pleasure: that its highest level can be reached only if one builds up to it somewhat slowly.

How did the Romans (and a few centuries later, the Turks) do that?

The slow build-up consists of three definite stages: 1st, the

apodyterium; 2nd, the tepidarium; 3rd, and the most intense of all, the caldarium.

The Duke of Windsor came to Cag˘alog˘lu Hamami. And, over the centuries, many others. Not surprisingly, Franz Liszt was here. (Well, --he knew a thing or two. He always kept a box of rotting apples on his

piano. It helped him to compose better, he said.)

Built in 1741, Cag˘alog˘lu Hamami is not the oldest public bath in Istanboul, or the world, but it is unquestionably the most famous. And the most sensuous.

Anybody can show you how to find it.

Don’t be surprised to see the Japanese here, happy in the immense, high-ceilinged rooms and echoing marble hallways.

The Japanese know a thing or two about bathing.

After you yourself have passed through stage one, two, and three, there is yet one more stage. The Turks invented it: a little something that has become world-famous. Perhaps you owe it to yourself.

It is the 4th pleasure.

It is the amazingly simple, sensuous Turkish towel.

Cag˘alog˘lu Hamami Towel (No. 1691), the real thing, made in Turkey. 100% cotton. 1/2 inch looped pile (looped, not cut). 46,660 loops per square ft.

Weight: 3 lb. Size: 5’9” x 3’3”.