Camellia Flower Dress



Color: Cream Blue
Product Details

Roma, Not Milan.

Milan is cool, northern, distant.

The women keep you at arm’s length with their eyes, with subtly lowered eyelids, signifying a low level of interest; it is a challenge, of course.

Milan is the only city in Italy where you can sit down to eat simple, exciting, and beautiful food, in complete silence. Well, controlled conversation, yes, but no outbursts of laughter.

The clothing of Milan follows suit (or does it lead?): coldly chic, beautifully aloof. No laughing permitted.

All this hit me rather strongly when I saw a woman in Milan who did not fit the mold.

She was laughing infectiously, her hair was sailing behind her trying to keep up. She was speaking a mile a minute, dispensing warmth and energy in all directions, sweeping up even total strangers. And in the middle of Milan’s official grayness, brownness, blackness, she was wearing this dress.

“Roma,” I heard a distinguished gent say, in a slightly wistful tone.

Camellia Flower Dress (No. 6450) in creamy 100% georgette with captivating blue camellia print. Princess neckline and cap sleeves. 4 buttons down center front. Empire waist. Flattering bias cut. Falls below the knee. Poly lining. Side zipper at wearer’s right. Imported.