Chappelet Shearling Coat



Color: Russet
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“You should have been here last week.”

We all should have been everywhere last week.

The fishing was better.

The childhoods, more perfect.


Telluride was once a remote mining village in the mountains. (Imagine then, coming down out of the mountains through the snow, seeing the lights of Telluride at dusk.) Today, of course, it’s just an outpost of the movie industry. A place to ski between a screening and a preproduction’s meeting.

At this very minute people are arriving at the door of their simulated frontier cabins in Telluride, Aspen, and Vail, with their chefs, their interior designers, their personal trainers, their laptops, their fresh porcini and extra-virgin olive oil, and the script they’ve promised to finish reading by Monday. “Done deal. I promise.”

Despite an evaporating sense of what is real, or was once real, a few old things mysteriously hold up under the pressure of overexposure, the onslaught of fame.

This is one of those things.


The Chappelet Shearling Coat (No. 6882). You saw something like this in Downhill Racer on David Chappelet, his signature look off the slopes. Ours is made from the most luxurious Italian shearling suede and features custom horn buttons (made especially for this jacket). Finely-sewn car coat style. Chin strap with leather button. Vintage-style welted buttonholes. Slanted welt/patch waist pockets. Suede locker loop. Made in Italy.