Cheetah Print Leggings

Cheetah Print Leggings

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No. 5771
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Color: Plum

Cheetah Print Leggings

Regular price $59.00 $44.00

Berry Good.

It’s early autumn (if even that).

You don’t have to get all dark and moody. No need for thermals. Hold off on servicing the furnace. Don’t shake up the Boulevardiers just yet. Keep the earthy-toned wools and overcoats stashed—you’re feeling far too peppy and bright to cover up.

I have a solution.

Remember the 80s-style peplum? Your mother probably does. That peplum had its own zipcode. We’ve updated it.

Cheetah Print Leggings (No. 5771). You’ve never shied away from boldness before; why start now? Light and sleek poly spandex stretch knit leggings featuring wide, flat waistband with encased elastic along top edge. 26 ½” inseam. Slinks along with animalistic grace. Imported.