Classic Turtleneck Sweater

Classic Turtleneck Sweater

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Classic Turtleneck Sweater

Regular price $139.00 $104.00

Why Women Are Better.

Clearly, it’s the ability to always look fantastic in a classic turtleneck sweater, regardless of trend or decade.

Men are not so lucky; only a few of us can wear it well (and we do try to dress those up to the task). Many factors contribute to our failures, but with you? Success lies in the subtext.

The in-your-face lack of décolletage leaves nothing and everything to the imagination.

A woman in a turtleneck makes meaningful and meaningless pondering look completely abstruse regardless of subject matter or urgency: The cigarette smolders between her fingers, the tips of which rest gently on her downward-tilted forehead. What is she thinking about? Social injustice? The third act of her soon-to-be-produced screenplay? How she wishes she hadn’t ordered that damn decaf?

Riveting stuff, my dear.

Classic Turtleneck Sweater (No. 5796). Soft, stretchy, and all-over comfy cotton and modal blend knit. Fully fashioned construction. Ribbing at turtleneck, cuffs, and bottom band. Fashion marks along raglan seams. Imported.