Daisy Goes Dancing Dress

Daisy Goes Dancing Dress

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Daisy Goes Dancing Dress

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1921, Coney Island.

Imagine Daisy Buchanan watching the fellas line up at the high striker just to impress her (two wallops for a nickel, five for a dime), and you’ll start to understand the plot of this dress.

Later, we follow Daisy to the fortuneteller, who gives her a sobering look into 1922, so she goes dancing to forget it all. Works like a charm.

Does the dress conjure up the story, or is it the other way around? Who knows how these things work.

Daisy Goes Dancing Dress (No. 5782). The color-blocked design transports you from one chapter to the next with soft heathered cotton, jersey knit, voile, a bit of lace, and a delightful band of sequins just below the waist. All of it intentional, in colors that bring to mind rainstorms, calm seas, and that farmhouse where you spent your thirteenth summer. 15 real-shell buttons down the center front. Rib knit for extra softness at the neck and wrists. Upper-calf length.

You could pick one feeling and stay with it all day long, but I have a hunch you’d rather be a page-turner. Imported.