Delaney Driving Jacket
Delaney Driving Jacket
Delaney Driving Jacket
Delaney Driving Jacket

Delaney Driving Jacket

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Delaney Driving Jacket

Regular price $798.00 $499.00

The Adventurous Automobilist.

“The trails of Boone and Crockett, and the rest of the early frontiersmen, stretch out before the adventurous automobilist. And when he is tired of the old, there are new paths to be made. He has no beaten track to follow, no schedule to meet, no other train to consider; but he can go with the speed of an express straight into the heart of an unknown land…”

- Philip Delaney, 1903

Did the open road—even unpaved, even in 1903—ruin us for other, faster travel? Not all of us, no. But some.

You know who you are... And that you feel more like yourself out there than anywhere.

You live for that feeling of miles rolling beneath and behind you, of seeing what can never be seen from the air.

Idaho. South on 93. Stay off the interstates; that’s your one rule.

You send a few postcards from Twin Falls and on the back you write the last sentence from Delaney’s quote above. Just that.

No point in trying to say it any better.

Delaney Driving Jacket (No. 6878). You put a lot of miles on your automobiles. How many miles do you suppose you'll put on this coat in your lifetime? (That's how long it will last.) Incredibly luxurious Italian calfskin leather shell. Weather-defying, but supple. Will age beautifully (you’ll see). Cozy Japanese cotton flannel lining. Shearling collar. Italian cotton/viscose lining at sleeves for easy on and off. Horn four-hole buttons. Imported.

Men Size Chart

SML 34 14 1/2" or 37cm 34 26
36 15" or 38cm 36 28
MED 38 15 1/2" or 39cm 38 30
40 16" or 40 1/2cm 40 32
LG 42 16 1/2" or 42cm 42 34
44 17" or 43cm 44 36
XL 46 17 1/2" or 44 1/2cm 46 38
48 18" or 46 cm 48 40
XXL 50 18 1/2" or 47cm 50 42
52 19" or 48cm 52 44