Errigal Pullover Sweater
Errigal Pullover Sweater
Errigal Pullover Sweater
Errigal Pullover Sweater

Errigal Pullover Sweater

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No. G1170
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Color: Loden

Errigal Pullover Sweater

Regular price $275.00 $204.00

Surprising (But Not).

He was a lawyer. Hated it. Always had a knack for real estate (his mother had him changing light fixtures at ten). He traded stocks for a while. Decided to finance a movie by himself (you probably saw it). He invested in oat-gurt (that’s becoming a thing).

Now he’s here to help me build a deck at peak foliage (he always seems to time it right)

His sweater looks perfect. Too perfect.

I investigate the cable knit, interested to see if I’ve finally caught him posing. No such luck. The merino wool is on point. The “Made in Ireland” tag is legitimate. The donegal tweed yarns are substantial and authentic. It’s a great cut. The kind of sweater that appeals to the Ivy League man and the stunt man. He’d done his research. Again.

It’s a give and take relationship we have.

Errigal Pullover Sweater (No. G1170). 100% Merino wool. Hand-finished in Donegal tweed yarns. Thoughtfully detailed with knit-in elbow patches and eye-catching knitting at the hem, yoke, and cuffs. Rugged. Authentic. Poser-proof. Made in Ireland.

Men Size Chart

SML 34 14 1/2 34 26
36 15 36 28
MED 38 15 1/2 38 30
40 16 40 32
LG 42 16 1/2 42 34
44 17 44 36
XL 46 17 1/2 46 38
48 18 48 40
XXL 50 18 1/2 50 42
52 19 52 44