Fireplace Shovel

Fireplace Shovel

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Fireplace Shovel

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Quest for Fire.

It still amazes me how the "improved" version of things isn't nearly as good as the simpler original. Fireplace tools are a perfect example. They've gotten too cute. Too many materials. Too much emphasis on useless aesthetics. Plastic made to look like wood, cheap cast iron painted to look perfect when, in fact, it should be very imperfect.

Fire is as necessary now as it was in the beginning. Sure, it's easier to generate, but it hasn't changed one atom. Blue is still the hottest flame. It crackles the same way it used to. Working it, stoking it, feeding it, is one of our most basic (and enjoyable) instincts. The tools you use say a lot about who you are.

Your ancestors used a big stick to poke and prod the flame.

They'd be proud to know you made some tasteful advances.

All tools are hammered from mild steel by a husband and wife blacksmith team in Lawrenceburg, Ky. No machines. No assembly lines. This set, while the opposite of pretentious, manages to also be better looking and far more unique than anything else you own. Smokey finish. Natural and beautiful imperfections throughout. The quality is second to none. Made in USA.

Hand Forged Shovel(No. 6104). Shovel dimensions: Remember, when things are so imperfectly perfect, dimensions will vary. Length of handle is 23" with a 5" x 7 ½" shovel and a depth of about 1". Handle has D-ring for hanging. Weight is approx. 1 lb 11 oz.

*Instructions: Wash with soapy water and dry with a clean cloth. Wipe with a lightly oiled cloth occasionally to help prevent rust. To remove grime and soot buildup, dip fine-grade (000) steel wool in mineral oil and rub gently. Dry excess oil by rubbing with a clean cloth. Color: Smoke.