Fisherman Sweater Dress



Color: Natural
Product Details

Block Island. 

First fire of the season. Things to do outside the reach of its warmth.

Gifts to wrap. Invitations to write.

Tomorrow. Soon.

The beach roses dropped the last of their petals weeks ago, and you’re tempted to harvest the bright rose hips for tea or jam.

You hear geese flying over and know their compass has calibrated to a new season. You can’t understand their call, but you also do understand.

A glass of bourbon and a stack of books. And you, wrapped in cozy cable knit from knee to neck, shoulder to wrist.

As ready for the season as any creature ever could be.

Fisherman Sweater Dress

(No. 7108). Easy-wearing cable knit sweater dress artfully knit from a top-of-the-line plush wool, kid mohair and nylon blend. The cable stitch was originally used to suggest a fisherman’s ropes. If you wore a sweater with this pattern, you were likely to have an abundant day out at sea. Classical cable patterns run down the center panels front and back and sleeves. Jewel neckline. Knee length. Ribbed at neck, cuff, and hem. Imported.