Gondolier Sweater

Gondolier Sweater

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Gondolier Sweater

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Earning Their Stripes.


There is something undeniable about maritime endeavors and stripes (see: French & Russian Navies). Also counterculture (see: Dean and Warhol). And then there’s Picasso. What you’re not considering might be the most riveting—gondoliers.

The men (and as of 2010, a lone woman) in the flat-bottomed rowboats of the Venetian canals, command perhaps the most mysterious and safe-guarded mythology of all (except for maybe the secret images Picasso buried in his work).

Gondoliers have been around since the 11th century. The profession is mostly a familial tradition, passed down from father to son. They’ve been wearing these striped shirts and sweaters since WWII, and you won’t find a gondolier in action not wearing his (and now her) stripes.

We made it easy for you.

Gondolier Sweater (No. 6265). 100% wool that we’ve managed to produce with softness and comfort sans itch. Fitted cut, but not overly tight. Ribbed collar, cuffs, and hem in solid navy.

Striped pattern with solid navy inset pieces at armhole and shoulder. Gunmetal zipper. Gondola not included. Imported.