L/S Russian Navy Shirt
L/S Russian Navy Shirt
L/S Russian Navy Shirt
L/S Russian Navy Shirt

L/S Russian Navy Shirt

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No. 1017
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Color: Blue Stripe

L/S Russian Navy Shirt

Regular price $44.00 $34.00
Russian Navy Shirt.

Wait a minute. Does Russia really have a navy?

They do. Of course they do.

Watch the news on TV tonight. If they're wearing striped shirts like this, it's the Russian Navy.

Unless you see a dark-eyed girl paddling a green boat and her boyfriend laughs and smokes and laughs and his cigarette is slightly less than 1” long and permanently attached and he is wearing a not-bad-looking striped navy shirt, then it’s France.

Unless it's New York.

But if the girl and her boyfriend are both blonde, and pale smoky-eyed, and he, you notice, is deeply tanned and wearing a striped navy shirt, then it's Finland.

Or the island of Sylt.

Or Krk.

Or Sukhumi.

Under a suit jacket, it's L.A. Or maybe Munich.

But when they're both wearing striped navy shirts, it's Zihuatanejo. Or Sochi.

If there are two girls and one boyfriend and all three are wearing striped navy shirts, then it's definitely Russia.

Unless it's Central Park.

Russian Navy Shirt (No. 1017). For men and women. A faithful copy; like the original, it’s “unimproved.” Pure cotton. Long sleeve. The blue is wonderful: dark, deep, moody. Maybe it’s the Russian soul, coming back. Imported.