LC American Archetype Shirt

LC American Archetype Shirt

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Color: Burgundy

LC American Archetype Shirt

Regular price $98.00 $74.00

The American Archetype. 

Figures of great American literature take on a life of their own, perhaps even managing to convince the general public that the book written about them be regarded as pure fiction, as though they didn’t exist.  

Even the authors, by the time they were through writing, believed they'd made the whole thing up.

There were those who knew the truth all along, of course; knew everything except where all that money came from. 

These figures walked into rooms wearing a shirt with no collar. Even a little thing like that made people talk. And probably will still do so.

Our uncompromising replica of these shirts has the same simple band collar. The placket is simpler, also narrower. The cotton we have used is so luminous, in and of itself, that even a person who notices nothing will notice something.

The characters upon which these stories are based, of course, could afford stacks of these shirts — rooms of them. Never mind. All that matters is that you have one, just one. A piece of how things were.

The American Archetype Shirt (No. 2538). Cut full, with two-button cuffs, real shell buttons, handsome brass stud at neck. Made in Portugal.