Marvelous Sweater Dress



Color: Black
Product Details

M for Marvelous.

Since 1954 (when Grace Kelly appeared in Dial M for Murder), we've scarcely known a cold-weather minute when observant minds everywhere haven’t been thinking about sweater dresses.

Not always consciously, no, but somewhere in the limbic system, somewhere vital and life-affirming, synapses fire.

And civilization lives to see another day.

The thing is, a sweater dress never needs to shout or over-promise.

Conquers with barely a whisper.

But, oh, what a stir.

Marvelous Sweater Dress (No. 7081). Elongating ankle-length turtleneck dress in a sumptuous wool and cashmere blend. Slightly devilish side slits at hem. Two patch pockets make this especially easy-wearing. Some (or all) will be impressed by the neck-to-ankle sweep of wool and cashmere, the way it makes you look miles taller than any rule of measurement would support. Imported.