Natural Wool Blanket

Natural Wool Blanket

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No. 6023
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Color: Multi Stripe

Natural Wool Blanket

Regular price $449.00 $334.00

Passed Down.

There's a cabin somewhere on a lake.

The blanket goes everywhere with you when you're there—on the sofa, the floor, out to the porch to get wood, in bed, sitting at the old oak table eating cereal.

Parting with it when you leave is like saying farewell to a loved one. Perhaps even more depressing (depending on the family member).

Any place considered "cozy" needs one of these laying around.

Natural Multi-Striped Wool Blanket (No. 6023). Comfortable and comforting 100% virgin wool. Made at the Faribault Woolen Mill in Minnesota (they've been doing it for well over 100 years). Blanket measures 60" Wx 100" L and weighs 6.5 pounds. Made in the USA. Colors: Cream with Multi-Colored Stripes.