J. Peterman Men's Nubuck Leather Dress Shoes in Navy

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Color: Navy

J. Peterman Men's Nubuck Leather Dress Shoes in Navy

Regular price $248.00 $168.00

Original MSRP: $198

Material: 100% Nubuck Leather. Nubuck, unlike suede, is made from the outside of a hide, which means it's a more durable, long-lasting material, and can withstand more scuffing than your average suede. Nubuck is naturally water resistant to a small amount of water, however it needs further waterproofing from a spray

Features: Thin shoe laces, Black sole, Standard men's width (D).

Occasion: Navy colored nubuck shoes are great year round, but ideal for sunny and non-rainy days.

Design: Men's dress shoes, Men's fashion, Men's oxfords, Casual dress shoe, Leather shoes for men, Casual stylish, Formal shoes, Business casual, Derby shoes.

Care Instructions: If you spill liquid on them, pat the area with a clean cloth or towel and then apply a layer of corn meal or talcum powder. Let it set overnight, and then brush the suede the following day with a suede brush to remove the dried powder. Use white vinegar and a clean towel to get rid of water and salt stains

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