Suede Envelope Clutch

Suede Envelope Clutch

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No. 6996

Color: Brown
WAC 6996 WAC 6996

Suede Envelope Clutch

Regular price $98.00 $68.00

Small Masterpieces. Stepping out for the evening carries an essential responsibility.

Since the wrong bag can undermine an otherwise perfect outfit.

Artisans in India have been working to ensure this won't happen.

They've perfected the art of creating small masterpieces in the creamiest suede.

You'll carry this to Wolftrap for the first performance of the season (and every one after). You might just get some applause of your own.

The Suede Envelope Clutch (No. 6996). Classic American leather clutch in beautiful, rich suede. Elegant envelope cut. Simple nickel-plated slide snap. Lined in 100% acetate. Casual, infinitely cool. Made in India.

Dimensions: 12" W x 8" H.