Suzani Caftan

Suzani Caftan

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Suzani Caftan

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Women who wear caftans like this one don’t need to be especially clever or exceptionally striking, but they unfailingly are.

One such creature is meeting me at a restaurant near the Plaza del Cabildo in Arcos de Frontera. (She has a connection to an Uzbekistan rug dealer, and I have a first edition she’s been trying to pry from my collection for a decade.)

“Peterman. It’s been far too long.” Her voice emerges throaty and warm and goes up an octave when she laughs. The combination delights all within earshot.

And then there's her caftan. The scenario is almost too obvious—the bold embroidery working in concert with the fiery glow of a setting sun. 

Or, simply. fortuitous.

Suzani Caftan (No. 7248). Dramatic, v-neck caftan artfully rendered here in 100% cotton with elaborate satin stitch embroidery. Suzani is a large, embroidered textile panel whose name derives from the Persian word for needle: suzan. Three buttons at front. Imported.