The Icon's Sweater

The Icon's Sweater

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Color: Navy White

The Icon's Sweater

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Live Fast and Die Young.

Romantic, yes, but not great advice.

Most forget, the man from Indiana only made five films. Only three were of any real consequence. Not a substantial amount of work considering the legacy left behind.

Clearly, there was something else that intrigued.

Timing, for one. The younger generation at that moment yearned for a disillusioned hero of substance. And despite the absurd movie star looks, there was substance in spades.

There was also style.

Any search through the digital annals of history and you’ll find just as many “How to dress like…” sites and threads as you will those regarding his work.

Clothes don’t make the man.

They should, however, live up to the legacy in the making.

The Icon’s Sweater (No. 6084). He always made knits look fantastic and this Breton stripe sweater with point collar and mini V-neck was no exception. Luscious silk and cashmere blend (his wasn’t this nice). Cuffs and hem band in solid navy. Smolders with chinos or jeans. Imported.