Classic Motorist’s Duster


Color: Tan
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The Linen Motorist's Duster.


I recently heard a quote from County Monaghan (Muineachán), Ireland, about the region’s drumlins or “little hills”: There was too much land in Monaghan, so we stacked it high.

The same thing could be said of other places you love. Wyoming, Montana, any part of the Appalachians from Springer Mountain in Georgia to Mount Katahdin in Maine.

A certain kind of man can’t resist finding out what’s over (or around) the next hill, and for that, he has four wheels and no less than 200 horsepower.

Certain clues will tell you who they are.

This linen motorist duster is one. A linen driving cap, another.


Classic Motorist’s Duster (No. J8157). Beautiful linen and tencel blend. You’ll appreciate the extra-wide center front placket overlap (keeps the dust out). Corozo buttons. Attached belt with button adjustment at front; back waist belt with eased-in upper and lower back panels for comfort and movement. Three reinforced exterior patch pockets with button cuffs. Long center back vent for easy movement. Imported.