Randolph Aviators


Color: Black
Product Details

Military Pilots, The D.O.D, Astronauts, & You.


You may not be in a situation where lens flare resistance, UV filtration, compromised depth of field, spatial awareness and disorientation, and your eyewear meeting stringent military standards (Mil-S-25948) are matters of life or death.

However, it is likely you will mishandle your aviators at some point, or find yourself in
the unfiltered glare of the Mojave, or need to shield yourself from invading press.

In all of the above, you will be glad you own a pair of these.


Randolph Aviators (No. 6027). Official aviator outfitter of the US Military since 1978. Uncommonly crafted. Uncommonly good. Bayonet temple design (for wearing comfortably under a helmet). The grey polarized lenses are scratch resistant and tested for impact resistance with a 5/8-inch steel ball from a height of 50 inches.

Your eyewear has been cut, bent, twisted, soldered, plated, and polished by 50
people in a patented six-week process that includes more than 200 mostly-by-hand steps.

Randolph is the only metal aviator company left in the USA, and the ultra-light, 45-gram frames come with a lifetime warranty.