1920s Pleated Tennis Skirt



Color: Navy
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Cannes, 1926.

The match of the century.

Little miss poker face Helen Wills versus the free-spirited and era-defining (and brandy-guzzling) Suzanne Lenglen.

Is that the Duke of Westminster? Prince George of Greece? The Maharajah? Spectators who couldn't afford the high price of admission took to nearby rooftops to witness history.

Wills is the harder hitter. Cold-blooded and emotionless. Statuesque and striking (in both play and appearance).

Lenglen is precise and consistent. The extravagant flapper-esque Queen of France.

She's stretching the younger Wills to her limits with expertly placed shots.

Back and forth the heads go.

Lenglen finally wins but clearly knows the younger Wills is on the rise. They were only to play one more time, and even that never transpired due to Miss Wills' emergency appendectomy, which, in the parlance of our times, would surely be labeled "Appendix-gate."

Despite the rumors, the ladies were quite fond of one another.

1920s Pleated Tennis Skirt (No. 6516). Classic knee length skirt that's equally sporty and fancy. Poly fabric with luxe silk finishing at the hem. Side zip and one side button. Effortlessly transitions from grass to clay or work to play. Imported.

*Model is 5' 10" and is wearing a size 2.