1930's High-Waisted Trousers



Color: Black
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“She was intensely private,” he told me. “Nobody really knows who she is. They barely knew her back then.”

When I met him, his hair had been silver for quite some time. He was still spritely. Sharp. Still swam 30 minutes every day. He went on… “After she got her feet wet, she had no illusions about the business. Or fame. She was smart and hilarious, which was obvious from her films.”

Life magazine said that next to Garbo, she was Hollywood’s mystery woman.

It’s always mystery that keeps people enthralled, makes us want to examine every element of style.

You could say a high-waisted silk pant like this, sans the long line of impressive women who made the look famous, women just like our mystery woman, stands well on its own, relevant today because of its look and fit—making you taller, impressive drape and flow, an eye-catching stack of antique brass buttons (a nod to the sailor pants of the era).

You remember the way trousers like this looked on those women. Never has a power stance said so much.

1930s High-Waisted Silk Trousers (No. 5948). Classic pleated trouser in a pure silk twill.

Three stacked antique brass shank buttons (non-functional) at each front panel at the top of a striking inverted pleat. Wide waistband. Vent at leg opening. Shaping darts below back waistband. 31” inseam. The opposite of a dime a dozen. Imported.