1979 Football Tee


Color: Olive
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Focusing the Mind.


In American football today, there are 35 television angles, instant replay, the targeting
rule, the run/pass option, the zone blitz.

In the '70s, the sport saw a shift in popularity, overtaking baseball as the nation's favorite spectator sport. Cash started to flow. Players had more say in the game. Offseason regimens became more sophisticated.

The contracts, astronomical.

In some ways, that was the moment when the game became bigger than the game.

And yet, here we are, cheering as loudly as ever.

This football tee is a callback to that decade, a shirt for those of us who just want to scrimmage in the backyard or shout at the big screen at 1:00 on a Sunday.

Some things will never change.


1979 Football Tee (No. J8243). Heavyweight 100% cotton single-stitch jersey tee with field-ready contrasting striped sleeve inserts at shoulders. Short sleeve, crew neck style with reinforced back yoke. Just in case it gets rough out there. Imported.