Amalfi Linen Jacket



Color: Olive
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This is what you wore coming back from the gold fields.

Everybody wanted to know how you’d done. Of course, they would never ask, and you would never answer. So you came dressed a certain way. That was the answer.

This is what Howard Hughes wore the day he bought a restaurant and returned to fire a waiter who had been rude.

A linen suit is a different message on different days. But it is always in the same accent. (In this case, southern Italian.

You know how a man, born big—say 231 pounds and 6'6", goes through life fairly calmly—doesn’t need to raise his voice much to get his point across? That’s how linen suits stack up against the other kinds.

Didn’t your father ever tell you about this stuff?

Amalfi Linen Jacket (No. 6580). Made of top-level Japanese linen twill. Classic double-breasted style and soft, natural shoulder line. The right look: strong, quiet. Imported.