Authentic Baseball Sleeves



Color: Blue with Yellow
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Throwing a Curve.

"Sleeves” is what we called them. They were plain and ordinary, nothing to think about twice. (Or so I thought.) But now I realize they were unduplicatable.

I still have mine, and a few emotions, dating from my days in professional baseball.
When we wore our sleeves, it was always the best time of the year. We were beginning to feel up.

I laugh at the imitations today. They have pseudo-names like “river shirts,” “punting jerseys,” “Henley pullovers.”

Sleeves are, were, and always will be comfortable and engaging to wear; lightweight; warm, not hot; not itchy, not sticky, not fussy. Sleeves are good-looking in the way things are when they aren’t trying to be good-looking.

And you still don’t have to play professional baseball to get one.

Authentic Baseball Sleeves (No. 6612). for men and women. In 100% cotton single jersey. These colors feature a two-button placket: Fired Brick/Heather Grey, Military Olive/Vintage White, Navy/Red, White/Black. These colors feature a three-button placket: Blue with Yellow, Heather Grey with Burgundy, Oatmeal Crimson, Oatmeal Navy. Imported.