Band Collar Shirt



Color: Blue White
Product Details

Senza Collo.

The shirt you wear when you've come to bid and the Bombardier's fueled and on standby.

The Bonham's auction was productive, but you're still not satisfied.

You remind yourself not to go above your limit no matter how competitive Asher gets.

He's determined—you'll give him that—but he doesn't have your stamina.

Or your sense of style.

What he's up against: The cut, the stripes, the take-charge cuffs that all speak to a certain efficiency. To knowing the worth of things. When has that ever not worked to your advantage?

Band Collar Shirt (No. 6562). Smashingly chic 100% Portuguese cotton shirt with intriguing band collar (their Italian neighbors call it senza collo) and chic awning stripes. White faux shell buttons. Imported.