Belvoir Textured Cardigan

Belvoir Textured Cardigan

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No. 6401
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Color: Aquamarine

Belvoir Textured Cardigan

Regular price $398.00 $299.00

The Innkeeper.

Many years have passed since Bridget purchased the old bed and breakfast on the hilltop.

I have to give the woman credit—whatever job the place requires, she has a way of properly tackling the work while dressing the part.

Applying a new topcoat to the porch last Tuesday? She’s out there in painter’s scrubs with the sun beating down.

It must be Thursday if she’s out in her tweed jacket and leather bandoliers; one of her biggest weekend attractions is the country-fowl pie, and the pheasants and squab won’t hunt themselves.

When the guests check in on Fridays, she ditches the workwear du jour for cardigans and jeans. Between her homespun elegance and the baked goods, all the tourists talk about is the warm, nurturing innkeeper. If only they’d seen their dainty proprietor the day before, striding off the grouse moor with their meal strung under the barrel.

Belvoir Textured Collar Cardigan (No. 6401). A lusciously crafted blend of lambswool, cotton, and cashmere. Striking cabling on the lapels and sleeve cuffs. Comfortable and easy, it’s a cozy counterpoint to the more pragmatic outfits your day demands. Made in Ireland.