Bramble Shawl Collar Sweater



Color: Natural
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The First Big Snowfall.


The scrape-whoosh of shovels clearing sidewalks up and down the street.

Make the coffee. Lay a fire in the stone fireplace and touch a match to it. There.

Out back, the stillness of 11 powdery inches. The last of it drifts lazily down, down, down from a ceiling of gray clouds.

A few deer at the tree line move silently through the pines.

The fire crackles, catches on in earnest.

A whole day ahead, just like this.

Bramble Shawl Collar Sweater (No. 7719). Luxuriously cozy 100% Merino wool sweater. Handknit in Ireland using traditional Aran stitches such as trellis, cable, diamond, and moss and finished with a cozy shawl collar neckline. Ribbed cuffs, hem, and collar. Made in Ireland.