Breton Sailor's Shirt

Breton Sailor's Shirt

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No. 2499
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Breton Sailor's Shirt

Regular price $129.00 $54.98

Off the Ile de Sein.

Standing on the quay at Douarnenz, watching the sardine fleet head out into the Atlantic, just as it has done for eons.

A stiff breeze blows in from the southwest. Not a chilly breeze, but you definitely want to be wearing something.

After a few millennia of fishing under these conditions, this is what the fishermen on the Brittany coast have come up with.

Breton Sailor's Shirt (No. 2499). Found in a marine supply store near the harbormaster's office.

It's made from 100% cotton canvas sailcloth, which makes it sturdy enough to stand up to about a 5 on the Beaufort scale, yet soft to the touch.

Pullover style with a sailor's collar, v-neck and loop and button closure.

There's also an inside chest pocket for valuables.

Perfect for taking out the E-Scow, raking the leaves, or a walk across the commons. Imported.