British Corduroy Shirt Jacket



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Versatile. From an outing in Cairo, to an adventure in Venice, to class at Oxford, to a cafe in Manhattan, this shirt has the heritage to do it all.

And, I can prove it.

Corduroy has its origins in a cotton weave called fustian, developed in the Egyptian city of Fustat around 200 BC. It made its way to medieval Europe by way of Italian merchants. Here it became popular among nobles.

Castles, drafty. Corduroy, warm. Notables included Henry VIII, though some of his other penchants sadly overshadowed his fashion sense...

In Manchester, England in the late 1700s, the fabric we recognize came to be. It remained a working-class fabric till the mid 20th century when it started to surface in a more mainstream way.

And you thought it originated in the modern poetry department of some coastal university in the late 1960s...


British Corduroy Shirt Jacket (No. 6926). Heavyweight eight-wale corduroy woven in UK by Brisbane Moss. Corozo-textured workwear buttons. Classic band collar construction. Fits like overshirt. Double patch chest pockets and vintage style bound sleeve placket. Garment-dyed and washed for excellent handfeel and saturated colors. Imported.