Brown Houndstooth Blazer

Brown Houndstooth Blazer

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Color: Brown

Brown Houndstooth Blazer

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Bugsy Siegel wears it at the dinner table with Clark Gable, joking about how he only kills other mobsters (cue Gable’s nervous laugh).

Jacketed huntsmen trek across grouse moors, leather-strapped shotguns tucked under suede-patched elbows. Centuries before, a shepherd corralled his herd in the face of a forming storm, wrapping himself tighter in his tessellated cloak.

Even Bacall donned it in The Big Sleep, ripping your eyes away from boring ol’ Bogie.

Yes, this is one hell of a pattern.

Brown Houndstooth Blazer (No. 5854). It’s the check that carries with it no burden of explanation. 100% wool from Moon Mill’s esteemed Heritage Collection. Brown taffeta lining (half back and sleeves). Genuine brown suede elbow patches. Three patch pockets up front with three interior pockets. Double back vent. Made in Portugal.