Margot's Button-Front Dress



Color: Navy White
Product Details

Margot and the Suitors.

After Margot deposited her Irish Sweepstakes winnings, you’ll remember, she began to go through the 7,000 letters from suitors who had seen her picture in the newspapers.

A year has flown by now in Galway, and what progress has she made?

Well, the field has been winnowed to a few dozen suitors. An achievement surely.

There’s a distinguished member of the Dáil and a director of the famous Druid Theatre and a champion horse-breeder who communicates with Jack her pony by telepathy. Mr. FitzGerald, the owner of the acreage abutting hers, is a candidate as well, although a bit deaf from shooting.

Margot has sensibly purchased a fine new skirt for her next round of socializing.

Margot's Button-Front Dress (No. 6505). In the smartest navy and finished with white buttons.  Sleeveless sheath dress with high front neck and low back, contrast button front detailing. Hits just below-the-knee. Pairs well with cardigan, shawl or blazer