Button Front Denim Skirt



Color: Washed Navy
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Denim's Agenda.

In a time when partisan lines turn the sanest of people into raving lunatics, the denim skirt is the lesson that good things happen when old and new collude; the shining beacon your Annie Oakley-loving grandmother and libby Aunt Eleanor can champion (they were the ones who got this thing going in the first place).

The denim skirt’s history in short form—in the late sixties, the flower children (your aunt), expanding their minds and sticking it to the man, decided that skirts could and should be made from splitting the seams of your Nana’s recycled jeans.

As the drama unfolded, and the skirt shortened, women paired these with western denim shirts and drove airstreams to Bozeman, Savannah, and Marfa. Party lines haven’t prohibited you from doing the same. Wear the combo with a camel hair trench in Washington Square Park and you’ll have some explaining to do: “No officer, of course I did not wake up with the intention of causing a riot.”

Come together… Right now.

Button-Front Denim Skirt (No. 6537). Take Penelope for a walk, grab lunch, attend a premiere. Not a bad Thursday. 100% cotton denim skirt. Virtually unchanged since 1972. Seven shank buttons. Knee length. Classic indigo. Gentile with frilly blouses. Casual with tees and tanks. Imported.

*Model is 5' 10” and is wearing a size 2.