Cause and Effect Resort Shirt


Color: Coconut Shell
Product Details

Cause and Effect.


The universal law of cause and effect can be demonstrated as simply as: Put on a shirt, feel a certain way. Cool, at ease. More Italian than not, in this case.

A breeze stirs the air on the palazzo where you sit. Ruffles the pages of your notebook. Pushes a sailboat down the lake. Lifts your spirits.

The evidence is mounting by the millisecond.


Cause and Effect Resort Shirt (No. J8178). Very handsome resort-style short sleeve shirt with a unique grid textured fabric that’s easy and cool to wear. Texture looks and feels like an engineered seersucker, but features small corrugated squares instead of lines. Wide 1950s collar. Two front chest pockets. Loose fit. Four-hole mother-of-pearl buttons. Self-fabric loop closure at neck. The back patio by way of Lake Como or Acapulco. Imported.