Chalk Stripe Trouser



Color: Grey White
Product Details

Maiden Lane Meets Milan.

In financial districts from New York to Tokyo it’s simply known as “The Power Suit.” Makes men seem taller, more authoritative. Great for closing the deal.

But have you seen what they’ve done with it in Milan?

Instead of the staid white Saville Row shirt, conservative tie, and black wingtips, the bankers and fashionistas in Italy wear it with colorful shirts, sometimes no tie, and light tan Italian dress shoes.

Leave it to the Italians to take a classic and turn it on its head–and make it better.

Chalk Stripe Trouser (No. 6745). Made from the same plush 100% lambswool, front lined to the knee. Single-pleat front. V-notch in back. French fly with hook-and-eye closure. Eight belt loops (four in front, four in back). Six interior suspender buttons and watch pocket. Wear it with the jacket or without. Either way, people will take notice of you. Imported.