Chevron Quilted Vest

Chevron Quilted Vest

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No. 6259
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Chevron Quilted Vest

Regular price $249.00 $158.00

Anti-Fashion Vest.


Do you ever wonder what happened to the man you saw pumping gas into his 1964 Scout? Enveloped in flurries. Williwaw-like winds caused the mortals to retreat indoors.

He did neither; he wasn’t even wearing a jacket, just cargo pants and a quilted vest over an ivory wool turtleneck. Two Ridgebacks sat in silence in the back seat.

The immediate impression was the vest—thick and quilted, purposeful. The chevron stitching,

button loops, and angled pocket reminded you that practicality, when smartly conceived and

well-executed, was incredibly appealing to the eye. “Looks” were probably the last thing on his mind. He had the vest because it served him well in weather like this.

The Scout roared off into the wintery mix.

There he goes, you said out loud to no one in particular.

It’s funny what sticks with you.

Chevron Quilted Vest (No. 6259). 100% wool with zig-zag chevron stitching throughout.  our-button front secured with button loops. Intriguing angled chest patch pocket with flap and two-button closure (pocket does not have chevron stitching). Side seam pockets. Fully lined in pure cotton twill. Imported.

Men Size Chart

SML 34 14 1/2" or 37cm 34 26
36 15" or 38cm 36 28
MED 38 15 1/2" or 39cm 38 30
40 16" or 40 1/2cm 40 32
LG 42 16 1/2" or 42cm 42 34
44 17" or 43cm 44 36
XL 46 17 1/2" or 44 1/2cm 46 38
48 18" or 46 cm 48 40
XXL 50 18 1/2" or 47cm 50 42
52 19" or 48cm 52 44