Circle Shrug



Color: White
Product Details


It’s the new thing.

The opposite of slack-shouldered indifference. It’s hopelessly charming and free of chill.

This circle shrug makes you worthy of transforming into a verb.

Don’t worry, it’s not like your other shrugs, which serve their purpose admirably, keeping the chill at bay but mostly causing indifference. They don’t undulate the way this one does, curving around your body in provocative fashion.

Scientists say that even a building’s curviness stimulates our anterior cingulate cortex, stirring our receptors for creativity and emotion.


It’s science.

Circle Shrug (No. 5969). Open front, shrug-style cardigan sweater. The circular shape gathers to create folds when hugging your body. Fully fashioned construction. Viscose, nylon, and poly blend.Imported.