Classic Swing Coat

Classic Swing Coat

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No. 5837
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Classic Swing Coat

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I have a friend. Used to be a model. She’s now doing a million things. Clothes for dogs. Building houses. Throwing birthday parties for herself that rival a Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade.

She has this collarless coat.

It’s slim at the bodice, more spacious as it approaches the knee. The sweep trails her like an adoring fanbase, giddily responding to every notion, every glance. People nearly break their necks double-taking as we walk down the street, wondering if they recognize her and punishing themselves because they don’t.

I’m thinking, is it her that makes this coat so persuasive? So important? Like you want to tap her on the shoulder and ask if you can tag along.

Or is it the coat?

Even with the beautiful people, it takes a village.

Classic Swing Coat (No. 5837). The cut that couture has left untouched since inception.

Warm and sumptuous wool and cashmere blend from Morgado. Collarless, single-button front. Frames and drapes wonderfully with the shaped seam above the waist that curves up to a point at each side of the bodice. Light shoulder pads, back-shaping seam that curves up to a point at the center-back bodice. Full satin lining. Angled double-welt hand warmer pockets (yes, we saved the cozy best for last). Imported.