Collegiate Sweatshirt



Color: Navy Grey
Product Details

Up North.

A certain kind of man requires few provisions when he heads off to wilder places.

Necessities include: a cabin for shelter (not too big), space for tomato plants, an outbuilding that needs shoring up. Fence that needs tending.

A view of a lake and a moon that looks like you could hang it on the wall. Quiet mornings. Few words.

Too far north, some say. What do you do up there?

Their compass is calibrated differently.

Plenty to do. De-winterize the place. Start a fire. Burn off the last of the winter chill. Open the windows. Stock the cabinets. Plant the tomatoes.

Open the Antique 107.

Change into one of these. No buttons, no zippers, no neckties.

You get it.

I have a feeling that's why you come up here.

To feel this comfortable feeling this comfortable.

Collegiate Sweatshirt (No. 6599). Supremely cozy cotton slub terry. Navy has grey contrast band at neck, wrists and bottom hem. Or choose allover Heather Grey. Imported.

*Model is 6' 1" and is wearing a size medium sweatshirt.