Corduroy Beachcomber Short


Color: Navy
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Always with a sea kayak strapped to the top of his Defender.

Long, blond hair. Accent, lowcountry.

Just this side of rakish. Good-looking grin. Eternally on the dean’s radar for mischief.

I’m surprised to see him here, decades later, at a beach bar in Kitty Hawk, looking astonishingly unmarked by time.

A multihyphenate, the papers call him. Tech mogul, music producer, author.

He grins at me, and it’s 1962 again, at that pub not far from campus. Ralph's, I think it was.

Corduroy Beachcomber Short (No. J8214). Impossibly soft, 10-wale corduroy short inspired by those worn by surfers in the ‘70s. Easy pull-on elasticated waist. Internal waistband drawcord, Front and back pockets. Buttons at back pockets. Imported.