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Make a Stand.

There are TED talks about making hard decisions. Career crossroads. What to eat for lunch. Where to live. You made your list of pros and cons. But what do you stand for?

I’m sure the Rational Dress Society of London faced a difficult decision in the late 1800s when deciding the acceptable weight for women’s undergarments (they decided no more than 7 pounds… yeesh). 

British Vogue’s stance to “deplore” young women who used the excuse of war to parade around wearing slacks in the evening, in retrospect, stood on thin ice. Even in 1939, trousers weren’t as scandalous as they were in the twenties, although wartime efforts clearly clouded things.

My stance on pants?

Nothing makes a woman look more womanly.

More decisions await, such as whether to join Francesca on the Library Hotel’s rooftop bar or meet Antoine at Bryant Park for movie night (an evening with John Hughes). Geography is at your feet; you can make both. No need to make a stand. As for what to stand in?

High-Waisted Trousers (No. 5987). Popular since the 1930s, high-waisted pants resonated then, as they do now, because they shape and lengthen the female form. Delicately constructed of crisp cotton poplin. Fully lined in cotton. Chic and classic. Imported.