Cotton/Linen Duffel Coat

Cotton/Linen Duffel Coat

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No. 2307
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Cotton/Linen Duffel Coat

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The Duffel, Reissued.

It was standard issue to British forces, once.

Men were seen wearing duffel coats on the bows of ships on the North Sea; seen going into No. 10 Downing St. and not coming back out for days; seen at Sandringham, even.

Kennedy, over here, wore a duffel coat; the photographs show him
in it, deep in thought, alone, walking the beach of Hyannis. What was he thinking? He wore a duffel coat when he went sailing too, as any sane person would.

Duffel coats came with the stuff adversity required: lots of protection against the elements, toggles instead of buttons (easier to operate quickly), and lastly, character, lots of it.

Our reissued duffel coat supplies all that, with one key difference: it’s made of springweight cotton/linen instead of thick, heavy wool, so you can wear it comfortably when the mercury goes up.

Cotton/Linen Duffel Coat (No. 2307), in water-resistant fabric with a washed, worn appearance. Big pockets outside, two more inside. Rugged wooden toggles with wool cording. Adjustable, shaped hood that rides intelligently on your head.

As at home on Wall Street as it is on Wauwinet Road. Imported.

Men Size Chart

SML 34 14 1/2" or 37cm 34 26
36 15" or 38cm 36 28
MED 38 15 1/2" or 39cm 38 30
40 16" or 40 1/2cm 40 32
LG 42 16 1/2" or 42cm 42 34
44 17" or 43cm 44 36
XL 46 17 1/2" or 44 1/2cm 46 38
48 18" or 46 cm 48 40
XXL 50 18 1/2" or 47cm 50 42
52 19" or 48cm 52 44