Crocheted Vest

Crocheted Vest

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Crocheted Vest

Regular price $168.00 $59.00

Apologies to Those Who Crochet.

Your delicate skills are admired and appreciated.

You can now skip past the rest of this.

To those who do not crochet, don’t bother learning. In the time it would to take you to get good enough to make this fully crocheted vest, you could be…

Keeping warm at the game.

Satisfying all your boho chic sensibilities downtown.

Seeing your outfit smile after it realizes you’re putting this vest on.

Learning other hobbies, like welding, photography, cooking, or herping.

Let’s unravel the giddy details—like the vibrant yet earthy tones, the alluring length (to the knee-ish), the fringe detail (which your eccentric Aunt Caroline will love), or the swirl-patterned single button where the V-neckline meets.

What will you do with all your free time?

Crocheted Vest (No. 5779). Fully crocheted vest made of vibrant yet earthy panels of red, rust, brown, black, and white. Deep V-neckline with ivory crochet trim. Fringe detail along bottom. Large swirl-patterned button at center front. Soft and cozy wool blend fabric. Imported.