Debonair Pinstripe Pants



Color: Charcoal
Product Details

Wearing the Pants.


We’ll stop saying these are men’s pants for women because they are not. They are women’s pants for women.

You can wear these like you own the patent on pants, the way Dietrich and Hepburn did. Bombastic. Unapologetic. Looking like nothing important is decided until it crosses your desk. Today, that may not seem all that special, which is exactly how far things have come.

Imagine not being able to wear pants.

The down side to the liberation?

Pants are old hat. Conventional.

Everybody’s doing it. Funny how revolutions get boring after a while. All of a sudden, not wearing pants will become the new thing. The progressive thing.

We’re doing our best to keep the revolution going.

Debonair Pinstripe Pant (No. 5795). 100% wool (250 grams) from Chantal Fabrics in New York. Eye-catching contoured waistband on flat front. Chic angled horizontal front pockets. Zip fly. Back welt pockets. 31” inseam. Fully lined. Clean. Sharp. Great with heels or Italian cap toes.