Edwardian Velvet Coat

Edwardian Velvet Coat

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No. 1442
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Edwardian Velvet Coat

Regular price $545.00 $409.00
Mr. James Is Pleased.

Henry James revisits Washington Square after decades abroad. Fifth Avenue is shrill. The new Arch of Triumph is brash.

His momentary relief may be imagined, then, when, upon turning the corner, he perceives the gracious figure of a woman in a long velvet coat descend the steps of a townhouse and enter a waiting carriage, her motion revealing a flash of golden lining, and a single word emerges in his mind:


Edwardian Velvet Coat (No. 1442), the estimable thing. High waist with domed, self-covered buttons just above, double-flapped pockets just below. Long 34” rear slit. Shaping princess seams front and back. Cufflink-style buttoning cuffs. Padded shoulders, piquant sleeve caps. Knit braiding trims all edges.

Shell is rayon-silk blend, lining is poly rayon blend, so you can keep it on for maximum effect between your dramatic entrances and exits. Imported.

NB: Designed for formal wear, clearly, but I think it’s especially good worn with jeans and a nice white T-shirt.