Eisenhower Pants



Color: Black
Product Details

 Don't Wear This in Minnesota.

The bold color. The military flair. You can almost hear Ravel’s Bolero in the background.

These splendid suit pieces are sure to command attention…which can cause problems in The Land of 10,000 Lakes. Because at least one city there has now enacted an Anti-Staring Ordinance.

(Does anybody remember anymore that the collapse of the Roman Empire was due to a surfeit of paralyzing rules and regulations? Attila just knocked at the gate.)

Elsewhere, please feel free to bask in the warm regard of people who will be disposed to expect good things of you.

Eisenhower Pant (No. 6824). Straight leg high-waisted pant features clean, pocket-free lines. Full leg lining. Smartly-ironed crease line. Narrow waistband with foldover tab. Front fly-zip closure. 100% poly crepe. Nylon zipper. 4-hole plastic button. Imported.