Ikarian Embroidered Caftan



Color: Fiery Red
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History shows us that people live longer here on Ikaria, a Greek island about 30 miles east of Mykonos. To solve the mystery, studies have examined everything from more walking (hills abound), herbal treatments, a Mediterranean diet, daily naps, more sex, less stress. 


Studies haven't, perhaps, examined the role of a comfortable caftan, but stress does seems to melt away when you slip into one of these numbers.

That's got to be worth a few years on the back end.

The deepest soul of a caftan has remained more or less the same since 600 B.C. It must be nearly effortless to wear and endlessly comfortable. 

From there, isn't anything possible? 

There's print and fabric, for starters. We'll start with a turquoise fabric directly inspired by the otherworldly water that encircles the island of Ikaria. 

Embroidery. Yes, let's explore that.

Now we've really got something.

We can't say wearing caftans will help you live longer, but doesn't it seem foolhardy not to try? 


Ikarian Embroidered Caftan (No. 7060). Lushly embroidered caftan in soft, breathable 100% cotton. Dramatic tunic neckline and kimono sleeves. Comfortable elastic waist. Imported.